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Created in May 2020 to strengthen Abu Dhabi’s position and the broader UAE as a research and development hub for technology, the Advanced Technology Research Council shapes research and development for transformative technology outcomes.

The ATRC is responsible for defining Abu Dhabi’s research strategy across academia and industry, consolidating funds for efficient investment, and driving policy and regulation for agile decision-making.

Bringing together cross-disciplinary leaders in research and technology, the ATRC cultivates a collaborative research community through nurturing local talent and attracting global talent; and accelerating innovation and discovery through seven initial centres of research under its applied research pillar, Technology Innovation Institute (TII) which was launched in November 2020.

Today, the ATRC counts a total of over 200 researchers, scientists and engineers at research centres in the fields of quantum, autonomous robotics, cryptography, advanced materials, digital security, directed energy and secure system, developing innovative products such as the National Crypto Library, the UAE’s first quantum computer, and a Post-Quantum Crypto (PQC) library.

The ATRC fosters a culture of inquiry by partnering with local pioneers and internationally renowned organisations and universities, funding groundbreaking research, and launching grand challenges that address global issues.

By leading on breakthrough technologies, it is establishing Abu Dhabi and the wider UAE as a home for advanced technology talent and a global hub for innovation.


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