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Thought Leadership /Idea
Opinion: The EdTech sector has a long way to go before it proves itself
The true potential of EdTech remains untapped.
Interviews /Startup
RemotePass, online recruitment platform, explores remote working best practices, common misconceptions, and more
The advent of remote working has enabled companies to unlock new potential, both from existing staff and from potential hires on the other side of the world. 
Thought Leadership /Idea
With the Metaverse, Facebook tries to turn a new page, but why?
The Metaverse is a chance for Facebook, now branded as Meta, to start over.
Interviews /Scaleup
Deel, $12 billion HR tech scale-up, discusses partnering with the UAE to grow its remote workforce and attract global talent
Deel is currently supporting 8,000+ clients around the world to streamline and scale their remote hiring operations. 
Interviews /Idea
How can companies successfully implement remote working? The experts at HR tech startup Bayzat weigh in
As an HR professional post-pandemic, you are now tasked with the goal of meeting the needs of a talent pool with ever-changing demands. How are you to align with the objectives and KPIs of your management while meeting the needs of a changing workforce — both existing staff and new hires?
Thought Leadership /Idea
The rise of remote working was a product of both a unique global situation and employee frustrations with a stubbornly rigid system
The rise of remote working shows us that change can happen overnight - as long as there is a strong enough push for it.
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