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Thought Leadership /Idea
A defence approach against inflation for consumer companies in MENA
Jim Drews, Partner, Bain & Company Boston and Federico Piro, Associate Partner, Bain & Company Middle East, share strategies to combat inflation in light of the recent economic landscape.
Thought Leadership /Idea
Opinion: The EdTech sector has a long way to go before it proves itself
The true potential of EdTech remains untapped.
Thought Leadership /Idea
How the World Cup will benefit the UAE's travel and tourism industry
The World Cup in Qatar is set to be a source of an influx of tourists across the GCC and MENA, and the UAE’s travel and tourism industry is well positioned to benefit from this.
Thought Leadership /Startup
5 promising EdTech startups in the UAE to keep an eye on
The EdTech sector within the UAE and MENA might still be nascent, but it has been steadily growing. 
Thought Leadership /Idea
How to build strong diversity, equity, and inclusion engagement strategies beyond your company's borders
Julie Coffman, Chief Diversity Officer, Bain & Company and Sara Minelli, Associate Partner, Bain & Company Middle East in collaboration with Grads of Life, look into three actions companies can take to build strong diversity, equity, and inclusion external engagement strategies and advance equity beyond their four walls.
Thought Leadership /Startup
Everything you need to know about the update to the UAE’s Wage Protection System
Nazar Musa, CEO at UAE-based company service provider PRO Partner Group, discusses the updates to the Wages Protection System (WPS), including how they will affect companies and employees. 
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