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Thought Leadership /Idea
Post-pandemic UAE sets out to be a haven for leisure and business travelers: Here's how they're doing it
The UAE government’s calculated approach to economic recovery has reflected positively on its travel and tourism industry.
Thought Leadership /Idea
With the Metaverse, Facebook tries to turn a new page, but why?
The Metaverse is a chance for Facebook, now branded as Meta, to start over.
Thought Leadership /Idea
5 ways restaurants can deal with menu price inflation
How should restaurants tackle inflation without scaring away customers? Should owners just go ahead and raise their prices? Or is there a better way to manage rising costs and pad bottom line while taking a more customer-centric approach?
Thought Leadership /Idea
Hire to Retire: The employee retention strategy for the long run
Hire to Retire (H2R) is a human resources process that includes everything that needs to be done throughout an employee's career with a company. In this article, Nirbhik Goel, CHRO, VFS Global, explores five methods to help you win the fight for top talent today. 
Thought Leadership /Idea
The implications of last-mile delivery technology for retail in the Middle East
Shifting consumer behaviours are resulting in a growing need for faster and cheaper online deliveries.
Thought Leadership /Startup
The implementation of remote working post-pandemic will hinge on well-informed digital transformation efforts
Remote work seems to be here to stay, and digital transformation will continue to facilitate it. For companies that haven’t embraced it, now is the time to invest in the digital transformation strategies that enable remote work, and in the technologies that spur digital transformation.
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