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Thought Leadership /Startup
The implementation of remote working post-pandemic will hinge on well-informed digital transformation efforts
Remote work seems to be here to stay, and digital transformation will continue to facilitate it. For companies that haven’t embraced it, now is the time to invest in the digital transformation strategies that enable remote work, and in the technologies that spur digital transformation.
Thought Leadership /Idea
The rise of remote working was a product of both a unique global situation and employee frustrations with a stubbornly rigid system
The rise of remote working shows us that change can happen overnight - as long as there is a strong enough push for it.
Thought Leadership /Idea
A three-stage facilitative model for cryptocurrency regulation in the UAE to support the market, companies and investors
The UAE is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency markets in the world generating transactions worth $25 billion.
Thought Leadership /Idea
Supply chains in the Middle East demand a different approach
Over the past two years, several aspects such as the devastating Covid-19 pandemic and the global semiconductor shortage, made supply chain vulnerabilities obvious to every business leader—and moved supply chain resilience to the top of the C-level agenda.
Thought Leadership /Idea
5 trends shaping the e-commerce sector in MENA
Cash is out, BNPL is in, and more.
Thought Leadership /Scaleup
Swvl goes shopping - A timeline of recent acquisitions
Swvl has announced the acquisition of 6 mobility sector companies so far.
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