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Design Product management Analytics /Idea
Are you ready to launch your MVP, and do you have what it takes to ensure its success?
Design Analytics Product management /Idea
How do you define success for an MVP and how do you move forward?
Once the MVP is launched, you need to collect initial feedback from the ‘early adopters’ as they test the product concept.
Analytics Engineering /Startup
INSEAD Knowledge – Are You Asking the Right Questions of Your Data Team
This article is republished courtesy of INSEAD Knowledge. Copyright INSEAD 2021.  The expert opinion and management insights portal of INSEAD, The Business School for the World, INSEAD Knowledge showcases the latest business thinking and views from award-winning faculty and global contributors. Author: Caroline Zimmerman, INSEAD Research Associate, Theodoros Evgeniou, INSEAD Professor of Decision Sciences and Technology Management, Daragh Kelly, VP of Data & Analytics at Burberry, and Joyce Weng, Managing Director of Bulgari UK
Product management Analytics /Idea
"The Mom Test": how to talk to customers & learn if your business is a good idea (by Rob Fitzpatrick)
Everyone is bound to ‘lie’ (whether intentionally or not) when answering market research questions. These lies, or false customer insights, can lead you to invest your resources in a direction that may not prove worth your time and efforts, after all. So how can you avoid false customer insights? Learn about the Mom test to avoid misunderstandings, uncover better insights and validate your business concept when you talk to customers.
Engineering Analytics /Scaleup
Data Mining: What is it, and how can you use it for marketing?
Today the predictive capacity of data mining has changed the design of business strategies. Businesses can learn more about their customers to develop effective business strategies, increase sales and decrease costs. So how do companies use data mining for marketing purposes?
Organic Planning Analytics /Scaleup
Quiz: What is Data Mining?
The predictive capacity of the data mining has changed the design of business strategies. With data-backed assumptions, businesses can now create deeply personalized & targeted marketing campaigns, ensuring ensuring an increase in sales at the fraction of the cost. Do you know what the main steps to start applying data mining are? Take the quiz to find out!
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