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Brand Performance Organic /Startup
Why Market on Social Media?
Let’s face it – social media is everything! And if you are building your business, you’re definitely looking into social media as a marketing platform first.
Brand Performance Organic /Startup
Course: Choosing the Right Marketing Channels For Your Business
Brand Performance Organic /Startup
Choosing the right marketing channels for your business
Every marketing channel is crucial for the growth of your business, but a successful marketing strategy is finding the right combination between the channels. This is because every channel creates a unique customer experience, and your aim is to get the best outcomes possible from these channels.
Brand Performance /Idea
Are you Ready to Crowdfund? Test yourself!
Today, crowdfunding allows independent innovators, entrepreneurs or small companies to overcome the challenge of pre-seed funding. Crowdfunding also is a powerful marketing tool – but if you are not ready, no one will see or believe in your campaign.  So how do you prepare yourself, ahead of clicking that “Create Campaign” button? And are you ready for it? Take the quiz to find out!
Engineering Design Brand Planning /Idea
Reward crowdfunding: getting started on the campaign
So you decided to launch your product using a reward crowdfunding campaign.  But do you know what you should prioritize to get started and kick it off the right way?  The biggest mistake entrepreneurs can make is to launch a campaign without a clear plan of action. 
Brand /Scaleup
AD SME Hub's Rebranding Kit - Templates
Rebranding is a marketing initiative through which a brand’s identity, or look and feel, is changed, usually to change the perception of consumers and stakeholders. Why consider rebranding? Keeping up appearances: Want your company to look fresh? Consider a makeover. Customer-centricity: Your brand has to keep up to remain customer-focused and relevant.  Leadership change: This is a good time to consider a new identity to reflect this shift. Mergers and acquisitions: Rebranding helps provide a new visual identity, especially if there are overlaps in audiences, geography, or products. Repositioning: Shifting emphasis puts the brand in a new light. Getting started with a rebranding? DOWNLOAD our Rebranding Kit and benefit from 5 FREE Rebranding Templates. 1- BRAND AUDIT: Questions and subjects for you to assess your current brand and complete a fresh brand identity that will support your goals. 2-COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS: Identify the brands you are competing against and determine how you can differentiate yourself. 3-PERSONAS: Identify your target audience personas and improve your ways of communicating to their unique and different needs. 4- CUSTOMER AND TARGET AUDIENCE SURVEY: Get to know what your customers think of you and how they perceive you. This will give you a starting point to how you want to implement the change. 5- EMPLOYEES INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: Qualitative in-depth and open interview questions can help you understand how your brand is perceived and where the rebranding effort is needed.
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