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Brand /Scaleup
The Rebranding Process: Branding Brief, Testing and Relaunch
Brand /Scaleup
Quiz: Are you ready to start rebranding?
Brand /Startup
Brand Identity Evolution – The case of Apple Inc.
Brand /Scaleup
Rebranding: Auditing and Assessing your Brand
When not assessed properly, rebranding efforts can easily backfire; and to start their rebranding journey, businesses should assess carefully whether a rebrand is right for them. Auditing your brand is a key exercise that helps you understand your brand as it is now.  So what are actions required in this audit process?
Brand Planning /Scaleup
Quiz: How much do you know about rebranding?
Rebranding is a healthy realignment process that every successful business will eventually go through. It is a process of changing the corporate image of an organization that you undertake when you have either outgrown your current brand and it's infrastructure no longer fits.
Brand /Scaleup
Rebranding: Why do companies decide to rebrand? 
A brand identity that fits the character of your business is an asset for success. Let’s dive into some of the main reasons why a brand would undergo Rebranding  
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