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Fundraising /Idea
Course: What is crowdfunding and how can you unlock its potential?
Crowdfunding is an innovative method to raise money from a large number of people. And by large, we mean hundreds and sometimes thousands of people pitching in with small pledges
Fundraising /Idea
Why raise pre-seed funding through Equity Crowdfunding?
We’ve already seen that there are 4 different types of crowdfunding that you can consider  Among those, equity crowdfunding has been gaining prominence over the past few years.
Accounting Fundraising /Idea
Reward crowdfunding: What to keep in mind mid & post-campaign
Now’s the time to officially kick off the crowdfunding campaign.   During that time, it’s essential to continue driving attention to your crowdfunding effort, to engage your audience and to keep your communication channels open and transparent throughout.  
Fundraising /Idea
Equity-based Crowdfunding VS. Reward-based Crowdfunding
Fundraising /Idea
Reward crowdfunding: Key aspects to keep in mind for successful delivery
So you’re on the road to launch your reward crowdfunding campaign.  Now that we’ve looked into kicking off your campaign, what are some other major aspects to keep in mind to ensure its long term viability and success?
Fundraising /Idea
Do you understand Crowdfunding? Test your general knowledge!
The least traditional form of pre-seed funding, crowdfunding is an innovative method of raising money from a large number of people. But do you understand the different forms of crowdfunding available out there, and do you understand whether it might be right for your business?
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