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Engineering Design Brand Planning /Idea
Reward crowdfunding: getting started on the campaign
So you decided to launch your product using a reward crowdfunding campaign.  But do you know what you should prioritize to get started and kick it off the right way?  The biggest mistake entrepreneurs can make is to launch a campaign without a clear plan of action. 
Brand Planning /Scaleup
Quiz: How much do you know about rebranding?
Rebranding is a healthy realignment process that every successful business will eventually go through. It is a process of changing the corporate image of an organization that you undertake when you have either outgrown your current brand and it's infrastructure no longer fits.
Financial Planning Planning /Idea
Quiz: are you ready to build your financial model?
In its simplest form, a financial projection is a forecast of a company’s future revenues and expenses.  While the general structure of a financial model will be the same for most businesses, the challenge lies in setting assumptions and getting to the right numbers.  So are you ready to prepare your company’s financial projections? Take the quiz to find out!
Planning /Idea
Understanding, interpreting and preparing to write a winning proposal
Business proposals and responding to Requests for Proposals (or “RFPs”) are an integral part of winning procurement contracts. A good proposal does not just outline what a product or service does: it also leaves the reader seeing it as the only logical choice. So how do you win an RFP?  Watch the video to learn more! Brought to you in partnership with ADDED and StartAD.
Brand Planning /Idea
Building your brand strategy: 3 components to consider
Your brand strategy defines what you stand for and the personality you convey, which over time drives brand awareness, brand equity, and brand sentiment. A well-defined brand strategy will give you awareness, trust, loyalty, and advocacy, a path you want your customers to move through EASILY. There are a lot of elements you can take into consideration as you develop your brand strategy, but let's first focus on Brand Purpose, Customer Connection, and Competitive Analysis. What exactly are they, and what do they mean for your startup? Watch the video to learn more!
Planning Financial Planning /Startup
SME Valuation: How do I calculate how much my company is worth?
Calculating a company’s valuation is the general process of determining its economic value. While there isn’t one way to value a business, there are some rigorous methodologies you can use to come up with an acceptable and logical valuation for your SME - whether Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), the Market Approach, or the Cost Approach. So are you familiar with these three valuation methods? Watch the video to learn more!
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