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Design Product management /Idea
Course: What is an MVP and why it important?
Design Product management Analytics /Idea
Are you ready to launch your MVP, and do you have what it takes to ensure its success?
Design Product management /Idea
Building your MVP: The Final Steps and Reaching Maturity
You have created your MVP, mapped out your User Flow, and defined your success metrics.
Design Analytics Product management /Idea
How do you define success for an MVP and how do you move forward?
Once the MVP is launched, you need to collect initial feedback from the ‘early adopters’ as they test the product concept.
Design Product management /Idea
MVP: Laying Out your User Journey and Choosing Your Feature Prioritization
The User’s perspective is crucial, and the MVP helps you experience what the user is experiencing, from accessing the platform to the final process, such as making a purchase.
Product management Design /Idea
Mapping Out your MVP – User Flow
How do you choose and refine the business problem and assumptions you want to test out for your MVP? You need to take some necessary steps before developing an MVP:  Firstly, define your problem, Secondly, identify your target audience, and thirdly, create your set of minimum features.
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