Adham Alattar | AD SME
Mentor / Head of Channel Sales - Middle East, Turkey & Africa - GitLab

Adham Alattar is a multicultural professional with over 17 years of experience across multinational companies, demonstrating a proven track record in technology sales, technology partnerships, and alliances. He embarked on his career in the automotive industry before transitioning to the chemicals sector and eventually finding his passion in the technology field, where he has thrived ever since.

Adham's primary focus centers around driving revenue in the countries where he operates. He excels in building long-term strategic partnerships and relationships, helping corporate clients across all segments and verticals expedite their digital transformation journey to engage with their customers more efficiently. Adham's expertise lies in assisting organizations in expediting their digital transformation and achieving sustainable growth through innovative solutions.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Adham has a diverse range of interests. He is an enthusiastic participant in indoor cycling and squash, constantly seeking physical challenges and pushing his limits. Additionally, he finds solace and adventure in outdoor activities such as camping and off-roading, allowing him to connect with nature and explore new experiences.

Driven by his passion for technology, Adham is committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends. He continuously enhances his skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional value to his clients. With a deep belief in the power of technology as a business enabler, Adham strives to make a meaningful impact by driving efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction for organizations.

Adham's multicultural background, coupled with his unwavering dedication and drive, has been instrumental in his success. He embraces new challenges and actively seeks opportunities to contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business.

As a dedicated and motivated professional, Adham is determined to make a positive impact in the growth and success of the organizations and individuals he collaborates with. He leverages his extensive experience, adaptability to different cultures, and passion for tangible results to forge mutually beneficial partnerships in pursuit of excellence and digital transformation.

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