Ahmed Nasser Al Nowais | AD SME
Mentor / Founder and CEO - Annex Investments

A UAE-based entrepreneur and business executive, Ahmed is a pioneer in providing innovative business solutions and advisory that support and highlight startups. He has over 10 years of experience in providing strategic foresight & drive across venture capital, consultancy and technology services as the founder of many startups. 


A seasoned and intellectual individual, Ahmed is often seen working at the intersection of innovation and smart thinking. He has led an inspiring corporate journey in guiding a community of entrepreneurs through resilient business pathways. Apart from being an excellent entrepreneur, Ahmed is also an Attorney at Law for the growth & support of startups in the UAE via the involvement of HNWIs and government entities in the tech environment sustainably. 


Ahmed has founded Annex Investments, a privately held investment management firm and venture builder that owns and controls a wide range of subsidiaries and represents several multinational corporations.


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