Fernando Lanzer | AD SME
Mentor / Managing Partner - LCO Partners

Fernando Lanzer is a multifaceted professional with a diverse skill set and extensive experience in human resources and leadership development. Born in Brazil and holding a Dutch passport, Fernando has led projects in over 40 countries, showcasing his global perspective and cross-cultural competence.

With a background as Chief HR Officer in large banks, Fernando brings a wealth of knowledge in areas such as leadership development, workplace culture, entrepreneurial competencies, and managing people. He is passionate about fostering humanistic approaches in leadership, strategic thinking, and building cohesive teams.

In addition to his corporate roles, Fernando is also known as a public speaker, workshop facilitator, mentor, executive coach, and author. He leverages his expertise to empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Fernando enjoys pursuing his hobbies, which include watching and making films, reading, and playing strategy games.

Fernando Lanzer embodies a unique blend of strategic thinking, and team-building skills, making him a valuable asset in the realms of leadership development and workplace culture.

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