Flavio Tosi | AD SME
Mentor / Industrial Consultant - Business Exploration

Flavio Tosi is a highly experienced industrial consultant who provides valuable support to CEOs and business owners in the Oil & Gas, Energy, Aerospace, and Automation industries. With almost 30 years of experience, he has a proven track record of aligning organizations to their target markets and optimizing sales operations and company processes.

When not working, Flavio is dedicated to giving back to the next generation of professionals. He is a member of several Alumni Organizations, including Euroavia, Skywarder, and serves as a board member of InnoVits, a non-profit accelerator backed by Politecnico di Milano. He is also passionate about youth empowerment and supports initiatives like Katalize in his home town in Tuscany.

With a Master's degree in Aeronautical Engineering and an MBA, Flavio is a lifelong learner who also enjoys coding in his free time. He is an active business angel and supports startups working in NLP and AI. With his broad range of skills and experience, Flavio is an invaluable educator and innovator in the industrial sector.

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