Jassim Al Bastaki | AD SME
Mentor / Chief Executive Officer - Moon Hotel Management Consultancy

Jassim Al Bastaki Is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the UAE who often motivates young Emiratis to enter the field of entrepreneurship. 

Jassim is an active member of several governmental and international organizations, with current and previous roles at the Emirates Tourist Guide Association, Emirati Entrepreneurs Association, and the Advisory Council of the Gulf Union (GCC) for Entrepreneurship. In addition, he is a member of Dubai SME and the Khalifa Fund. 

Al Bastaki has over 20 years of practical experience in the public and private sectors including asset and property management, hotel, tourism, travel and aviation for commercial air transport, as well as organizing international events. 

Recently, Al Bastaki established and became CEO of Moon Hotels Consulting and Management, which is an integrated centre for complete solutions in hotel and hospitality management strategies and services.

Through his efforts over the years, he has sought to advance the SME and entrepreneurship fields via various contributions which he still provides today.

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