Mohammed Idais | AD SME
Mentor / IT Applications Manager - Deyaar Facilities Management

Mohammed Idais has more than nineteen years of experience. He is currently working for Deyaar Facilities Management as an IT Applications Manager.

He has championed business-aligned strategies and solutions that transformed business operations, delivery & profitability for leading business conglomerates, with a firm commitment to innovation, high-performance standards & ROI.
He is experienced in the pragmatic execution of complex IT modernisation, ERP ecosystems, and system integration projects. He also has extensive experience in Enterprise Solutions, ICT, IT, e-commerce, ERP, CRM, CAFM, Mobility, AI, IoT, Software Design Solution Architecture Development, digital transformation, and Software Development. He also has experience as a Solution Architect.
Mohammad Idais holds a Master of Business Administration from Anglia Ruskin University, London-UK, an M.Sc. Industrial Engineering Management from University of Jordan, Amman- Jordan, and a B.Sc. Computer Science and Information Systems, Philadelphia University, Jarash-Jordan. He holds many awards for his achievements in the technology sphere, earned from renowned companies like Microsoft.

Mohammad has been recently awarded Technology Transformer of the Year at Future Workspace Summit and Awards for reimagining work for a sustainable future, in generative AI, cybersecurity, customer experience, business solutions, managing and securing data across multi-cloud deployments on low code and no code platforms.

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