Mohammed Shafeek | AD SME
Mentor / Founder & Managing Director - M S

CA Mohammed Shafeek is a Chartered Accountant and a leading financial advisor. He is the Founder and CEO of M S Accounting & Tax Consultancy (MSATC), a boutique Tax and Accounting Consultancy firm headquartered in Abu Dhabi. 


When founding MSATC in 2017, Shafeek found a growing demand from entrepreneurs who at the start of their careers are in great need of advice and mentorship to help them solve problems and to set the right course for their ventures. By offering guidance, advice and support, MSATC has become a one-stop solution for all the financial needs of entrepreneurs. Shafeek has executed various financial due diligence engagements that provide critical analysis for clients in the form of risk and issue identification, assessment of the impact on value and development of structuring and mitigating strategies across various industries.


Shafeek is a frequent speaker at conferences, seminars and webinars on entrepreneurship and was awarded with the accolade of 2019 'Best Business Advisor of the Year' by Global Advisory Expert.  He conducted 50+ sessions across companies, startups and universities. He is also the Leader at the Professional Development Committee of the ICAI Abu Dhabi chapter - the largest network of Indian Chartered Accountants.

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