Mohammed Shafeek CA | AD SME
Mentor / Founder and Group CEO - M S

As the founder and Group CEO of MS and, Shafeek's focus is centred on a singular mission: empowering businesses and leveraging cutting-edge technology. Shafeek, being a Chartered Accountant, is a member of the Executive Committee of the ICAI Abu Dhabi Chapter. He is a business mentor, a regular speaker at Hub71 for tax and financial literacy, A financial advisor and a leader with expertise in conceptualising growth strategies who has assisted in developing strategic finance, auditing, internal controls, accounting and commercial functions. His multiple interests extend to Media and Healthcare.


Shafeek, the founder of, leverages his wealth of experience to bootstrap and manage startups successfully. He actively conducts webinars and informative sessions, demonstrating his commitment to empower and assist aspiring young entrepreneurs and leaders within both university and startup communities. Shafeek's dedication to sharing knowledge underscores his commitment to foster the growth and success of the next generation of innovators.


In addition to overseeing these ventures, he serves on the boards of a few companies, guiding family offices and high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) on market entry, strategic endeavours, and financial stewardship. In addition to his role as CEO and Founder, Shafeek generously offers his expertise to the broader industry as a respected speaker and published author. He has been awarded Excellence in Business and Mentoring in the previous years, the recent being the Finext Award for Excellence in Finance Companies Innovator. Currently, he is active in ADGM, DIFC, Corporate Tax, ESR etc. With a foundation in strategic advisory services and corporate finance, he is unwaveringly committed to pushing businesses towards sustainable heights.

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