Munawar Salih | AD SME
Mentor / Chief Growth Officer - M S

Munawar Salih currently holds the position of Chief Growth Officer at MS Group. He is a management professional with an engineering background with more than ten years of cross-functional experience in Branding, Marketing, Strategic Sales, logistics projects, and Business Consulting in India and the Middle East.


During his journey as a creative entrepreneur, he has established various product lines in the market, successfully undertook business startups and headed companies with foresighted vision. He is an excellent communicator with an entrepreneurial bent of mind & a consultative sales style, with the credit of success on market identification, positioning, branding and revenue building.


He has played a fundamental role in establishing new-age startups, successful F&B product lines and has predominant experience in B2B/B2C Industrial domain, corporate branding, & communication.


Munawar Salih holds a Bachelors Degree in Production Engineering and Masters in International Business Administration from European Universities ESSCA- Hungary and EM Normandie- France. Furthermore, he is the founder and creator of many Pan-Indian innovative networks and communities across the non-profit and social field.

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