Nimit Ramaiya | AD SME
Mentor / CEO - The Mint Ventures

Nimit is a seasoned advisor specializing in guiding startups through their business cycles, with a focus on market validation, investor preparedness, and fundraising for early-stage ventures. Drawing upon his expertise in M&A and Transaction advisory services from his previous role at Crowe, Nimit provides invaluable mentorship to founders, helping them navigate challenges and create strategic partnerships to drive growth.

As the founder of The Mint Ventures, a boutique startup advisory firm based in UAE, and a Director at a Venture Studio in DIFC, Dubai, Nimit is deeply involved in the development and co-founding of Fintech and Digital asset ventures. His dedication to empowering founders to achieve their goals is further reflected in his pursuit of a Doctorate in Business Administration.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Nimit engages in intellectual pursuits, enjoys music, and loves to travel. He cherishes moments spent with his family, finding balance between his personal interests and professional commitments.

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