Peter Lazou | AD SME
Mentor / Serial Entrepreneur

Peter Lazou is a dynamic and innovative serial entrepreneur known for his boundless energy and forward-thinking approach. With a track record of inventing four technology patents, Peter specializes in creating and nurturing ventures across diverse sectors such as FinTech, Automotive, and Sports Tech.

Throughout his career, Peter has demonstrated a remarkable ability to build ventures from the ground up, leading to the creation of award-winning technologies and the successful exit of three companies. His entrepreneurial journey has taken him across four continents, allowing him to collaborate with exceptional talents and gain a global perspective.

Passionate about driving change and pushing the boundaries of innovation, Peter is committed to shaping the future of interconnected technology in both the corporate and startup realms. His entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to innovation make him a key player in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business.

In his spare time, Peter enjoys cycling and running, reflecting his active lifestyle and commitment to personal well-being.

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