Raed Daoudi | AD SME
Mentor / Learning & Development Manager - Khalifa Fund


Raed is a seasoned L&D (learning and development) professional and executive coach, bringing along 20-plus years of rich experience as a trainer, consultant & coach in the field of entrepreneurship & SME development.


As part of the Khalifa Fund, Raed provides entrepreneurs with needed tools and education to survive and thrive. He can offer support on idea sourcing, business planning preparation and on starting and running a business. By applying learning and development frameworks, he can further support in the delivery, development and assessment of development activities to further a growth-minded culture. Raed has designed contextualized occupational learning solutions for transformation/ holistic experiential learning, as well as the development of coaching culture across public and private sector organizations in the UAE. 


Raed is a Certified Entrepreneurship Trainer, Certified Training and Occupational Learning Specialist, Certified NLP & Hypnotherapy Practitioner.

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