Sanaa Diab | AD SME
Mentor / Business Coach and Analyst - Sanalogy

Sana is a multipotentialite. This means that she has tried many different careers and jobs, only to find out she cannot have only one job, a concept that the world is new to, even though it was quite the norm only 100 or so years ago. Upon understanding this about herself and accepting it, she finally built a fulfilled life and business that she is proud of.


She has a passion for making things work better, which is why all her studies are in the field of finding solutions to everyday problems. Everywhere she worked has required her to do business in a certain way. However, she knew that breakthroughs and innovations don’t appear under rules. That’s what led her to start her company Sanalogy in 2017.


Since then, Sana has worked with many industries and individuals who had a set of repeating problems. They either couldn’t decide on a job or career because they have many passions, or they needed to know how to start a business, how to manage it, how to make it better, how to find investors or how to sell a business. And while there are many leadership coaches and business analysts selling online courses that only create hope but no results, Sanaa kept it real. She works with her clients one on one, hand in hand, until they achieve the results they want, whether it's personal or business goals.


Through her online channels, she has helped clients find their passion, understand their multipotentiality, build a life that supports their personalities, start a business, make their business more efficient, find investors and grow it bigger all for free, and has helped them do that one-on-one when they needed more or through her mastermind groups.


Over 18+ years, Sanaa has studied Computer Science, Software Engineering, E-Commerce, Business Analysis, Project Management, Business Brokerage, Workplace Wellness, Productivity and Social Media Marketing. Her hobbies include humanitarian work, sociology, spirituality and reading. All of these fields and disciplines have enriched her life in many different ways that subsequently enriched her clients' lives as well. Her passion to learn and share knowledge is only growing.

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