Stelios Leftheris | AD SME
Mentor / Managing Partner - Vestigos

Stelios Leftheris is an IT, Information Security, and Risk Manager with over 19 years of extensive experience in IT operations and management, Risk Assessment, Governance, Infrastructure Security, Application Security, 3rd Party Security and Threat Management in very complex environments.


He has been based in Dubai for the last 10 years. He currently runs the VESTIGOS group of companies that are mentoring, advising and guiding investors/family offices, SMEs and tech start-ups on business & technology strategy and funding in preparation for scaling up/growth and market networking. VESTIGOS have also driven projects for large multinationals and have also advised Ministries and Governments to technology opportunities.


Utilising past experience in IT and security, and aligning to further needs of start-ups, the services provided by VESTIGOS were extended and now they also address security with VESTIGOS Security Services (Cybersecurity, Managed Security Services, 24/7 monitoring, Complex Security assessments) and IT infrastructure with VESTIGOS tech services (Microsoft, AWS, Citrix and RedHat partner providing Cloud Infrastructure, Infrastructure services, Remote working capabilities and IT resourcing).

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