Suresh Lalwani | AD SME
Partner / Managing Director & Head of Coverage

An expert SME and Commercial Banker, Suresh has over 20 years of banking experience. He has been working with business owners in diversified industries, and has experience with different industries including manufacturing, services, e-commerce and trading, having financed such businesses through the banking system for many years.


His sound knowledge of Trade Finance, Treasury and Supply Chain Finance helps him in supporting SMEs and commercial businesses in their cash flow management and banking. Suresh has worked with institutions like Citi, HSBC, RAKBANK, PwC and FAB thereby managing large lending portfolios in $Billions, building and executing strategies.


Suresh is well versed with the risks and challenges faced by banks and businesses and is able to offer a solution to bridge the gaps. He has also worked extensively with fintechs and government-backed venture funding programs. Suresh is also an active mentor at 60 Day Startups which is a women-only entrepreneurs group.


Suresh holds an EMBA - Finance qualification from S. P. Jain Global Management School Dubai and has undergone several professional certifications in areas of Credit & Risk Management, Strategy and Supply Chain. 

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