Khalifa Fund has officially enhanced its membership programme offers, including unlimited business registration for UAE entrepreneurs

Khalifa Fund has officially enhanced its membership programme offers, including unlimited business registration for UAE entrepreneurs 

Effective immediately, Khalifa Fund will allow UAE entrepreneurs to register an unlimited number of trade licenses through its membership program.

The Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development has officially announced that its membership programme has been enhanced and updated with a variety of business add-ons, which will further encourage and enable entrepreneurship.

The membership updates include an unlimited amount of trade license business registrations per member, which was originally 1 license per entrepreneur; fewer age restrictions, with anyone being 21 or older viable for Khalifa Fund membership; membership renewals being extended from 3 times to 7 times per business; and no restrictions to have access to membership based on the age of the company, where previously any trade license that was above 5-years old would not be valid for membership offers.  Khalifa Fund has enhanced its membership offers with the objective of providing the UAE’s entrepreneurial ecosystem with increased opportunities and fewer restrictions to encourage enterprise development. 

Her Excellency Alia Al Mazrouei, CEO, Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, stated: “At Khalifa Fund, we’re constantly striving to identify new methods which will support the UAE’s entrepreneurial infrastructure and further enhance the ecosystem. Through our new membership program, entrepreneurs will have the capacity to ground-breaking and innovative offers which will encourage further enterprise development and enable business practices to be more accessible and efficient. 

There are a vast array of enhancements that have been made and are now available to existing and new members. Effective immediately, entrepreneurs will have the capacity to register an unlimited number of businesses to Khalifa Fund’s membership. In addition, membership renewals have been more than doubled, with entrepreneurs able to renew 7 times, and there are also no restrictions on the age of the company; previously trade licenses above 5 years old were not available to Khalifa Fund’s membership program.”

Her Excellency added: “A key aspect to our membership enhancement is to make entrepreneurism more accessible to people, and with youth development being a major part of our focus, I’m delighted to extend Khalifa Fund’s membership to any entrepreneur aged 21 and above.”

Khalifa Fund has supported over 23,000 entrepreneurs and will continue to help SMEs through its enhanced membership program. The new membership enhancement offers will be applicable to all UAE entrepreneurs who meet Khalifa Fund’s existing criteria.

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