Ramadan 2021: What can businesses expect this year?

Ramadan 2021: What can businesses expect this year? 

Compared to last Ramadan, respondents report a higher intent to spend on non-essentials

With the holy month of Ramadan set to start on Tuesday, April 13 this year, and with the world still reeling from the lingering COVID-19 pandemic, what can MENA businesses expect this year?

Media firm Choueiri Group set out to find this out in a new report, titled “Ramadan 2021: What to expect this year?” examining how the Covid-19 pandemic is impacting the lives of Arabs in the UAE and KSA during the Holy Month of Ramadan. 

“From the evident shifts in Ramadan activities, to restrained and new spending habits, we also focus on consumer mindsets once the lockdown begins to ease,” the Group said. “Our ongoing research initiative is aimed at supporting regional brands during the current crisis and equipping brand custodians with a better understanding of their audiences.

You can find the full report here.

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