Article of Association template

Article of Association template 

To apply to ADGM, businesses are required to fill out the required forms online through the ADGM Online Registry Solution.

Upon registration and incorporation at ADGM, entrepreneurs are requested to draft an Article of Association (AoA).

Overall, an AoA can be understood as a user's manual for a company: it specifies the company's operations and purpose.

While the content and terms may vary by jurisdiction, AoAs include the company's name, purpose, share structure, and organization. 

An AoA typically highlights a range of procedures in running the company and accomplishing necessary day-to-day tasks, including the process & metholodogy for procedures such as appointing directors, setting shareholder meetings, or handling of financial records.


Use ADGM's template for a Private Company Limited by Shares as a guide to build your own AoA as you apply for registration and incorporation:

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