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Synaptech Capital is an ADGM-based VC fund established by Avnon Group, in collaboration with leading executives, entrepreneurs and experts with a proven execution record.

The story of Synaptech Capital starts in 2020, the year of the Abraham Accords. As nations in the Middle East made a groundbreaking commitment to collaborate and promote business opportunities in the region, our VC professionals saw an opportunity to do the same – with the spirit of advancing technology “to inspire humankind, maximise human potential and bring nations closer together” in mind, Synaptech Capital’s mission is creating a diverse ecosystem of innovative companies in the UAE.

We bring the world-renowned Israeli "Startup Nation" spirit and innovative ecosystem to the UAE, empowering the local technological environment.

Our investment focus:

We focus on early-stage startups developing phenomenal technology products in the following areas:

  • Smart Cities
  • Public Safety
  • Cyber Security
  • Fintech & Insur-tech

Our ticket size: 

We invest from $1 million to $5 million post-product launch. We might also consider smaller tickets of $500K for exceptional startups with an MVP.

Our added value:

  • Technology sales relationships in 80 different countries [B2B and B2G] 
  • Our investment committee has taken multiple companies public [One good recent example will be Etoro] 
  • Our management team consists of entrepreneurs that have gone through the journey of building successful companies
  • Follow on investment institutional partners and capital relationships internationally, not just in the GCC
  • Hands-on technology testing and due diligence

Our investment process

We work hand in hand with our portfolio companies to create executional value that helps propel the company to new heights. Our process is structured and tested and relies on core elements:

  1. Market Analysis: On-going analysis of market demand & Beta testing to gauge market potential.
  2. Screening: Startups that match our criteria
  3. Building: Assist in building strong core teams, capable of leading company growth
  4. Creating: Create and validate a viable business model
  5. Establishing: A roadmap & professional work procedures.
  6. Implementing: The technology in the investors’ facility/systems model.
  7. Scaling: Company growth through global access to market capabilities.