The Abu Dhabi SME Hub releases the "Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Map Out" Report

The Abu Dhabi SME Hub releases the "Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Map Out" Report 

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The Abu Dhabi SME Hub has brought together essential resources and contact points for anyone looking to do business in Abu Dhabi. Access and explore the full report using the download box above.


The Abu Dhabi SME Hub releases the Abu Dhabi Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Map Out Report 2021 together with a new Interactive Ecosystem Map, identifying the key public and private entities powering the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Abu Dhabi. 

The report serves as an in-depth guide for entrepreneurs looking for the right location to launch their enterprise, existing businesses looking for growth opportunities, and foreign investors considering starting a business in the emirate. 

It highlights information over two main sections:

 Abu Dhabi’s Economic Landscape & Business environment:

  • Navigating Abu Dhabi

  • The role of MSMEs for the Economy

  • Abu Dhabi Covid Response & Ghadan 21 initiatives

  • UAE Bank account offerings tailored to mSMEs, startups & Tajer license holders

  • New UAE regulations for an enhanced business environment

Ecosystem Map Out:

  • Government offices

  • Free Zones & Regulators

  • Support Funds

  • Accelerators and incubators

  • Educational, R&D, innovation & support entities


By offering an overview of local stakeholders, the Abu Dhabi SME Hub explores the active role they play in driving entrepreneurship across the Emirate, shedding light on the value they offer to startups and mSMEs.

The report also includes exclusive interviews with these organizations, to share first-hand insight on their initiatives, philosophies, and overall support strategies.

One of the first initiatives of its kind in the emirate, the interactive map provides an interactive version of the report, and identifies the full hierarchy of support entities available for mSMEs and startups to reach out to for incubation, acceleration, funding, mentorship, and more. 

The Interactive Ecosystem Map will be updated frequently to reflect organic changes in Abu Dhabi’s blossoming growth saga, making it an essential tool for any mSME or startup looking to gain a better understanding of the business ecosystem in the emirate.


You can download the full document by using the form above.

AD SME Hub Ecosystem Report

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