Anghami signs strategic telecom partnerships, expands presence across Arab community in Kuwait and Denmark

Anghami signs strategic telecom partnerships, expands presence across Arab community in Kuwait and Denmark 

Anghami joins hands with Danish telco HALLO and Virgin Mobile Kuwait to provide unlimited access and downloads of songs, podcasts and other audio content.

Anghami Inc., the leading music and entertainment streaming platform in the Middle East and North Africa, is strengthening its presence through strategic partnerships with new and emerging telecom companies to offer Arabs around the world unlimited access to its much-loved content. 

The first Arab tech company to be listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, and with over 75 million registered subscribers, Anghami has an extensive library of more than 72 million songs, podcasts, and other unique entertainment content. Through its partnerships with 40 plus telecom companies, Anghami is providing millions of Arabs around the world the opportunity to enjoy its vast catalogue. The platform can also get closer to customers with specialised marketing campaigns and access more information about consumer trends and preferences in each local market to deliver personalised content recommendations to its users.

In its newest strategic tie-up, Anghami has joined hands with Danish telecom company HALLO to provide the Arab community in Denmark with the ultimate Arabic music experience along with other entertainment content including podcasts, videos, concerts, etc. HALLO is now the first European telecom provider to offer Anghami Plus, which customers can access within its “Fri Tale 200GB” mobile plan. Customers can enjoy all the Arabic content they want without limits or restrictions in addition to free calling and extensive data of 200GB and 5GB. 

Julian Fawaz, Commercial Director of HALLO, said Anghami can help strengthen communities and create fun moments for people: “Our core business is to connect people and through our partnership with Anghami, we see a strong link to connect through music. This partnership has been created out of a need for specialised products for minorities and a growing interest in Arabic music and content in general. We believe that music can help bring people a little closer to each other, which is really needed in Europe right now.”

According to statistics, Denmark has over 121,000 people originally from Arab countries, who have typically resorted to YouTube for Arabic music. There are also young ethnic Danes who want to listen to Arabic music. “While the ethnic segment is only a small part of our customer base, with this partnership, we can make their experience better through our products. This initiative is intended to get Danes to talk to each other and gives people the opportunity to find out how to be together in new ways,” added Fawaz.

Anghami joins hands with Danish telco HALLO and Virgin Mobile Kuwait to provide unlimited access and downloads of songs, podcasts and other audio content.

Closer to home, Anghami has partnered with Virgin Mobile in Kuwait to provide the telecom company’s customers unlimited access to its vast selection of audiovisual content. Everyone who joins Virgin Mobile will get free-for-life entertainment with Anghami Plus.

According to market studies, Kuwait has a music fanbase of around three million, accounting for nearly three-fourths of the country’s population. Of this, 25 to 34-year-olds form the largest majority at nearly 58.8% followed by 18 to 24-year-olds at 27.6% - a key audience group for Anghami.

Benoit Janin, Chief Executive Officer of Virgin Mobile Kuwait, said the partnership with Anghami will incentivise the company’s customers with the opportunity to enjoy their favourite songs and entertainment content effortlessly: “We believe that telecom service goes beyond the ordinary and must be curated to delight our customers. And what better way than to partner with Anghami, the region’s leading music and entertainment platform that has the largest ecosystem of Arabic and international content. Getting Anghami service for free when browsing seamlessly on Virgin Mobile app and selecting any plan.”

The partnerships will ensure that users enjoy all the latest Khaleeji and Rotana music releases, first access to legendary singer Amr Diab’s upcoming numbers and past hits, as well as the platform’s myriad of podcasts, audiobook summaries and more.

Choucri Khairallah, Vice President of Business Development at Anghami, said these partnerships are game changers that will enhance the reach of Anghami in the region and among the vast Arab diaspora, giving them unlimited access to their favourite songs and helping them connect with their roots. “Music is a part of Arab culture. And Arabs, young and old, wherever they are, cherish the opportunity to listen to their favourite songs. We pride ourselves on building partnerships with leading telecom operators that bring cut-through technology to the market, enabling us to reach a wider Arab audience, in the region and beyond, through the best music experience of Anghami Plus. With over 75 million registered users globally, we have evolved as the go-to destination for music and entertainment, and we will continue to build on this.”

Anghami has built local partnerships and stands out for its domain knowledge through its association with local partners, Arabic artists, and offline presence such as through the Anghami Lab, Vibe Music Arabia and live events through its new arm Spotlight Events.

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