Annex Investments invites UAE startups to apply to the Entrepreneurship Sports Generation tournament 

Annex Investments invites UAE startups to apply to the Entrepreneurship Sports Generation tournament  

All startups applying must have a UAE trade license.

Annex Investments, the Abu Dhabi-based investment firm helping grow the innovation ecosystem in the UAE, has partnered with Entrepreneurship Sports Generation (ESG) to bring an exciting opportunity to its network of entrepreneurs. 

ESG is a global, sportified entrepreneurship tournament, seeking to provide the most promising startups, working along the ideals of conscious entrepreneurship, with a platform to unleash their potential and achieve global scale. ESG plans to engage global audiences throughout this incredible journey with a proprietary investment simulation game and regular audience polls, like never before.

What’s on offer

Here is a list of elect benefits for entrepreneurs who become a part of the ESG ecosystem:

Investment and Funding

Funding opportunities and access to a world-class global network of over 300 investors, accelerators, incubators and venture capital firms. ESG Friends and past Judges include Eric Schmidt (Former Executive Chairman Alphabet Inc.), Laxman Narasimhan (CEO, Reckitt), Randall Lane (Chief Content Officer & Editor, Forbes), Anastasios (Tassos) Economou (Global Chairman, YPO) and more.

Perks and Rewards

$1 billion in perks and rewards available for all entrepreneurs. Receive $25,000 in perks after submitting your application. Exceptional rewards program curated for entrepreneurs in partnership with Amazon Web Services, Oracle, Stripe, HubSpot, FastCTO and many more. 

Media and Viewership

A chance to be a part of a made-for-TV ESG Global Finals has over 50 million views and was telecasted on major media platforms including Jio TV with a subscriber base of more than 430 million subscribers!  

You can learn more about ESG here, and apply at this link: 

About the ESG programme

ESG is envisioned as a-one-of-a-kind global movement that aims to reimagine Entrepreneurship As a Sport. Since its inception in 2020, it has brought together over 600,000 entrepreneurs from over 190+ countries, while the ESG Global Finals amassed a total viewership of over 500 million. $600 million in rewards were accessed by the participants. ESG is a vibrant ecosystem of venture funds, private equity organisations, institutions, startup accelerators, and more.

The platform has some great patterns to support this journey including the UN, the Female Quotient, World Cup for the Global Goals, YPO, Junior Achievement, eMergeAmericas, One Valley, and many more. As a global entrepreneurship ecosystem, ESG intends to connect investors, venture capitalists, experts, and entrepreneurs to ultimately create new job opportunities and build the next generation of changemakers and companies.

ESG is on a mission to provide promising entrepreneurs, at all stages - idea, early, growth, and late, with a platform to unleash their potential and achieve global scale through a uniquely designed year-long multi-level and tier competition consisting of City, National, and Confederation events that concludes with an action-packed, highly produced, entirely virtual Global Finals. With knockout rounds, team mascots, virtual stadiums and live audiences, ESG is giving entrepreneurship a sportified twist which makes competing engaging and energising. 

As the accelerator for the World’s To Do List, ESG is committed to supporting entrepreneurs that are targeting the world’s greatest problems. Our movement focuses on advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by fostering conscious entrepreneurship, energising entrepreneurship ecosystems, and inculcating an entrepreneurial mindset in the next generation. 

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