Apply now: Future100 Supporting the Growth of UAE's Future Economy SMEs

Apply now: Future100 Supporting the Growth of UAE's Future Economy SMEs 

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is taking a significant stride towards fostering innovation and economic development by launching Future100, an initiative designed to celebrate and support entrepreneurial Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that are poised to contribute to the country's future economic sectors.

This ambitious project aims to accelerate the growth of promising UAE Future Economy SMEs, encourage investment in these companies, strengthen the UAE's position as a start-up and scale-up nation, and support the sustainable growth of the Future Economy ecosystem.

One of the key features of Future100 is the publication of an annual list of Future 100 SMEs. This prestigious list highlights the most promising companies that have started in the UAE or offices based in the UAE. These companies will be evaluated across four dimensions to ensure they meet the criteria for inclusion.

The first dimension is Creative Capacity, which focuses on the future industry and disruptive business models that SMEs employ. This includes assessing their product or service proof of concept, and ensuring they have a strong foundation to disrupt traditional markets or create new ones.

The second dimension, Market Potential, evaluates the maturity of the SMEs' business plans and their ambition and potential in the market. This assessment aims to identify companies that have a clear vision for growth and a realistic plan to achieve it.

Business Viability and Scalability form the third dimension, focusing on the maturity of the SMEs' funding strategy and their operational and institutional capabilities. This assessment ensures that the companies have the necessary resources and structure to scale their operations effectively.

Lastly, the fourth dimension, Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) Impact, evaluates the SMEs' ESG plan maturity and the impact of their business models on the ESG domain. This assessment reflects the UAE's commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

Selected Future100 companies will receive numerous benefits and opportunities. They will have fast-lane access to investors, regulators, and the business community, facilitating potential partnerships and investments. Additionally, these companies will receive strategic and in-kind support to further their growth and development. Being recognized as a promising business to watch brings valuable visibility and credibility to the selected SMEs.

The deadline for applications is on 09 October 2023 – 12:59 PM

Future100 marks a significant step in the UAE's journey toward becoming a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. By supporting start-ups and scale-ups in new industries and technologies, the initiative aims to drive economic growth, attract investment, and position the UAE as a leader in the global start-up ecosystem. Through the comprehensive evaluation process, Future100 ensures that selected companies have the potential to make a significant impact and contribute to the UAE's future economic sectors.

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