Careem launches subscription model “Careem Plus”

Careem launches subscription model “Careem Plus” 

The subscription programme offers benefits to loyal users across all services.


Careem announced the launch of “Careem Plus”, a paid loyalty programme for users with benefits across all services. Helping our users get even more value for their money, the Carem Plus programme will cost a monthly fee of AED 39, and in return, users will benefit from: 

  • 10% instant cashback on all Careem rides and 5% on all HALA rides

  • Free food delivery on a variety of Restaurants and Shops 

  • Unlimited access to Careem Bike at launch

  • Priority care support 

The Careem Plus programme will be available in Dubai as of the 5th of April. Users who sign up, will get the first 30 days for free. Intense research has shown that customers across the region value exclusive benefits in return for their loyalty. Careem is planning to further evolve the program by including partners in the future. 

Careem’s VP of Customer, Clemence Dutertre commented on the new programme’s launch saying, “Our Super App provides us with the perfect platform to achieve our vision of simplifying lives - offering our community the ability to utilize daily services in a single app. The response has been overwhelming, with a massive increase in the number of users who now enjoy using multiple services. This was only a first step.”

"Today, the Careem Plus subscription enables us to offer meaningful value to our users, by unlocking big savings across all our services, with the average user unlocking monthly savings of over twice the price of subscription. As the biggest mover of people and things within the region, we are uniquely positioned to launch a subscription program of such depth and variety, and are excited to reward our customers with significant savings", Dutertre ads. 

To subscribe, Customers have to update the Careem App and tap on “Careem Plus’ on the homescreen. To reap the rewards now, open or download Careem from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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