Cartlow, re-commerce startup, launches B2B marketplace

Cartlow, re-commerce startup, launches B2B marketplace 

By: Abu Dhabi SME Hub
News will provide retailers with an effortless yet efficient way to source pre-owned, refurbished, and liquidation stock, by utilizing hi-tech across 30+ categories.

Cartlow, a UAE-based re-commence and reverse logistics facilitator in the UAE, has recently launched its first-ever B2B wholesale marketplace channel, “”. The new platform aims to offer retailers and resellers an easy and reliable way to source pre-owned and discounted inventory which includes; overstock, returned, refurbished, and liquidation inventory.

The objective of the new B2B platform launch is to grant traders and resellers access to hundreds of products at below wholesale market prices for used, refurbished, and liquidation products, such as; mobile phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, appliances, and fragrances. Over the past few years, many of Cartlow’s partners expressed the need for a new and efficient wholesale re-commerce platform. Through, retailers will be able to target a whole new segment of buyers, reaching resellers, increasing recovery value, and moving inventory faster than usual. In addition, this new innovative platform will be powered by superior data analytics and pricing algorithms which will optimize sell-through for retailers and ensure higher margins for them.

Commenting on the launch of B2B.Cartlow, Mohammad Sleiman, Founder & CEO at Cartlow, said: “As we move forward with building our industry-leading reverse logistics ecosystem in the region, our latest B2B channel is set to revolutionize a new approach that will generate greater value for SME resellers. B2B.Cartlow will provide easy access to inventories that were previously only accessible to the largest liquidators, in addition to facilitating them with a wider reach from regional resellers.” is the first wholesale re-commerce website for retailers and resellers to have access to a rich overstock inventory of more than 30 categories, which include: Electronics, Home & Gardening, Clothing & Accessories, Toys & Baby Goods, Health & Fitness, and many other products. The platform also offers retailers peace of mind with their return and warranty applicability on the bulk pre-owned stock. In addition, Cartlow’s refurbished items sold through its latest platform have a 99 percent accuracy rate based on its rigorous inspection and product recovery process. As such, buyers no longer need to worry about or feel the risk associated with sourcing liquidated inventory. Furthermore, B2B.Cartlow will enable entrepreneurs and small business owners by offering them an easy way to source discounted inventory from leading retailers and brands.

Since its inception in 2019, Cartlow has been working alongside a number of well-trusted global brands and recognized household names, helping them to turn over their inventory whilst reducing unsustainable practices. The pioneering re-commerce provider has helped optimize businesses by purchasing slow-moving and returned/pre-owned, or open-box products at a low market cost. All of Cartlow’s refurbished products are graded, tested, certified, and restored to their original condition before being sold to customers, retailers or resellers.

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