Critical Collaborations: Embracing the Large Corporates/Startups Symbiosis

Critical Collaborations: Embracing the Large Corporates/Startups Symbiosis 

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Aldar’s recently released Innovation Report 2022-2023 illustrates how small and big companies working together can be a game-changer for both.

In a fast-paced and competitive business environment, smart collaborations between startups and large corporations can generate synergies that foster mutual growth and resilience. Perfect examples of such synergies can be found in Aldar’s latest Innovation Report, released in December. Since 2018, the Abu Dhabi real estate giant has been incrementally engaging with startups from the UAE and beyond, whether through its incubation programme Manassah – 19 companies incubated that led to 14 signed contracts – or its accelerator Scale Up – 29 startups accelerated and 12 pilots launched – on top of numerous scouting and investment opportunities.

Reciprocal Access to Resources and Expertise

By collaborating, startups and major companies can pool their resources and expertise, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

Startups tap into the extensive networks, solid infrastructure, and industry knowledge that established players typically possess, gaining valuable insights, mentorship, and financial support. This access accelerates their growth trajectory, helping them overcome hurdles that might otherwise prove insurmountable. For example, this is how Nadeera, launched in 2020, manages to sprint. By engaging with large corporations like Aldar and building trust, the cleantech startup – that now operates in 15 communities in the UAE and has 50 more confirmed projects in the pipeline – can prioritise scaling. As founder Rabih El Chaar explained, “Once you enter the ecosystem, it gives you access to all these different companies, as well as governments and government-owned companies.”

Simultaneously, legacy organisations benefit from the fresh perspectives, agility, and innovative approaches that startups bring to the table. This enables them to see their work differently and acts as a catalyst for sustained business growth in an evolving business landscape. By working with Nadeera, Aldar can educate, and reward residents in a truly engaging manner for recycling while enabling efficient waste collection, saving 287m3 of landfill space.

This exchange creates a dynamic ecosystem where both thrive through shared resources and collective intelligence.

Market Expansion and Credibility Boost

For a startup, building a customer base and enhancing its credibility in the market is often challenging. Collaborating with a well-established corporation opens up an instant avenue for market expansion, as well as new distribution channels and stronger brand recognition, elevating its profile and growing customer trust.

In return, major players benefit from the nimbleness and innovative solutions that startups introduce, enhancing their own market positioning.

For example, in the first three months after Aldar joined forces with smart ordering service Opaala, enabling guests to order food from the group’s retail tenants at Soul Beach, the revenue generated through the new service surged so much and so rapidly that the project was soon expanded to several other properties, including residential assets.

The collaboration thus becomes a win-win scenario, with startups leveraging the reputation of the large companies while contributing novel ideas to enhance their joint market presence.

Innovation through Diversity

By combining the innovative spirit of startups with the stability and scalability of large corporations, partnerships empower innovation. Startups, known for their culture of experimentation, risk-taking, and out-of-the-box thinking, inject vitality and creativity into the collaboration; large established players, on the other hand, provide a solid foundation for the implementation and scaling of innovative ideas by contributing their wealth of experience, market understanding, and scalability.

For instance, Aldar successfully leveraged the augmented reality (AR) expertise of Rovar, a winning startup in its Ibtikar programme, to increase and enhance customer engagement through unique and immersive experiences. Similarly, by partnering with Liftango to optimise shared transports, Aldar reduces the number of vehicles on the road, lowers carbon emissions, and achieves cost savings. Together, startups and major players form a dynamic duo capable of pioneering groundbreaking solutions and staying ahead of industry trends.

Risk Mitigation through Strategic Alliances

Business life is always fraught with uncertainties, but startups are particularly vulnerable to risks associated with market fluctuations and emerging competition. Collaborating with deep-rooted organisations can serve as a risk mitigation strategy. The stability and reputation of large corporations provide a safety net that enables startups to navigate challenges with greater confidence and a level of security that is often elusive in their early stages.

Meanwhile, the bigger players benefit from the agility and creativity of startups that, in addition, are often well embedded within their communities whose needs they’re attuned to. This allows them to diversify their own risk and strengthen their resilience in the face of industry changes.

This synergy is clearly visible in the partnership between Aldar and Mrüna, launched in 2019 and part of the first Scale Up programme; Mrüna’s novel solution was first awarded a pilot project for the Al Riyadh City project site and has enabled Aldar to recycle of 8.2 million litres of waste-water thus far. Today, the startup is empowered enough to aim for a complete reimagination of green communities.

Continuous Learning and Adaptability

Most importantly, collaborations between startups and large corporations create a unique opportunity for continuous learning and adaptability.

The younger companies gain insights into established processes, scalability, and operational efficiency while the more established ones learn to embrace agility, rapid decision-making, and flexibility. Aldar, for example, can benefit from its 72 Innovation Champions, trained through its multiple initiatives with startups and driving innovation both internally and externally. This exchange of knowledge ensures that both entities evolve and stay relevant in an ever-changing market, contributing to their overall growth and sustainability.

In the collaborative landscape of modern business, where innovation is the key to survival, partnerships between startups and large corporations stand out as a mutualistic relationship, offering reciprocal benefits and acting as a powerful catalyst for growth. As companies from each end of the spectrum join forces, they tap into each other’s strengths, creating a dynamic ecosystem where resources, expertise, and market presence are shared for collective and enduring success.

Download Aldar’s Innovation Report 2022-2023 here.

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