Dubicars, UAE car rental marketplace, partners with Bespin Global to drive growth through cloud solutions

Dubicars, UAE car rental marketplace, partners with Bespin Global to drive growth through cloud solutions 

By: Abu Dhabi SME Hub

The newly implemented solutions accelerated time-to-market for innovative new products tenfold, optimized efficiencies and maximized security.

Dubicars.com, the UAE’s fast-growing cloud-native car marketplace, has partnered with cloud technology consulting and management company Bespin Global,  to create a DevOps methodology and drive growth with a robust, secure, and cost-effective platform. Being an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and AWS Managed Service Partner, Bespin Global’s extensive experience and expertise in leveraging AWS capabilities have helped Dubicars.com optimize costs, maximize security, and allowed them to direct their focus on innovating and scaling the business. 

As part of Bespin Global’s AWS solutions, Dubicars.com’s workloads were migrated into cross-functional micro-services. Migrating Dubicars.com’s workloads made sure they were able to provide new services to the market faster while ensuring their workloads were secured and cost-optimized. Bespin Global further used their very own automated cloud management platform OpsNow, capable of consolidating, visualizing and managing distributed multi-cloud assets while efficiently optimizing Dubicars.com’s cloud resources and reducing cloud costs.

As a certified AWS DevOps Competency Partner, Bespin Global also created and implemented a comprehensive DevOps roadmap for Dubicars.com, including DevOps methodologies, processes, and tools. 

Bespin Global’s enhancement of Dubicars.com architecture and infrastructure through multi-cloud solutions has accelerated their time-to-market for new innovative products and has helped Dubicars.com reduce TCO with dynamic scaling. Bespin Global MEA’s DevOps solution’s automation capabilities have eliminated delays introduced by error-prone manual processes, further reducing implementation time of new features and functions from days to minutes, accelerating time-to-value for both Dubicars.com and its clients. 

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