Federal Tax Authority Issues Taxpayer Charter Detailing Rights and Obligations

Federal Tax Authority Issues Taxpayer Charter Detailing Rights and Obligations 

In a commitment to maintaining transparency and clarity within the UAE tax system, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has released the Taxpayer Charter. This official document delineates and provides comprehensive definitions for key rights and obligations of taxpayers in the country.

The Charter is an integral part of the FTA's endeavor to raise awareness among taxpayers regarding their rights and obligations, ensuring adherence to tax regulations.

His Excellency Khalid Ali Al Bustani, Director General of the FTA, stated, "The Federal Tax Authority is steadfast in its commitment to upholding transparency and clarity standards within the UAE tax system. It ensures the seamless implementation of tax regulations and laws. Central to this commitment is the dissemination of information among taxpayers and stakeholders, elucidating their rights and obligations."

"The introduction of the official Taxpayer Charter marks a significant stride towards achieving this goal," added H.E. Al Bustani. "It delineates taxpayers' primary obligations for tax law compliance while educating them about their rights. The Charter enhances transparency in the tax system, elevating the quality of services offered by the Authority in accordance with the UAE Government's pursuit of operational excellence."

The Taxpayer Charter elucidates a range of rights for taxpayers within the UAE tax system. These rights include fair, professional, and respectful treatment by the FTA and its personnel, consistent application of relevant tax legislation, privacy, confidentiality, and due consideration of individual circumstances when interacting with the Authority.

Furthermore, taxpayers are entitled to expect prompt responses from the FTA to their inquiries, accurate information to fulfill their obligations, representation by listed Tax Agents or appointed legal representatives, the ability to appeal FTA decisions, and to lodge complaints about services provided by the Authority.

Conversely, taxpayers are obligated to comply fully with all applicable tax obligations, furnish complete and accurate information within specified deadlines, cooperate with and respect the FTA and its personnel, and assist the Authority in combatting tax evasion.

The issuance of the Taxpayer Charter is part of the FTA's broader initiative to increase awareness about the UAE tax system. This effort encompasses awareness campaigns, workshops led by FTA experts across all emirates, as well as the dissemination of manuals, guidelines, and Public Clarifications via the FTA's official website, among other channels.


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