Hatch & Boost Ventures launches foodtech startup BreakBread

Hatch & Boost Ventures launches foodtech startup BreakBread 

The platform already has over 100 registered supper club hosts who have curated up to 500 authentic dining experiences for customers.

Abu Dhabi-based venture builder, Hatch & Boost Ventures, ADGM, ​​a joint venture between Crescent Enterprises and hatch & boost, has announced the launch of BreakBread, a foodtech startup on a mission to reinvent the supper club scene by providing a first-of-its-kind digital marketplace and hub for curated home-cooked dining experiences. 

Centred around the idea that ‘food is best experienced home-cooked and shared’, BreakBread provides customers with an entryway into supper club dining through a platform that is already home to over 100 vetted hosts with diverse menus to try across the UAE. 

Dalia Lachine, Co-Founder of BreakBread, said: “In order to contribute to the growing diversity and exciting food scene that has emerged in the UAE and wider MENA region, our vision for BreakBread is to facilitate the connection between foodies and foodpreneurs to enjoy unforgettable experiences and cross-cultural immersion. From booking a night out with a group of family and friends, hosting a corporate event, or going solo to meet new people, BreakBread offers a supper club option for everyone.”

Customers who get on the platform can choose from a wide variety of supper club options and diverse cuisines, all curated by talented hosts. The hosts on the platform are either home or professional chefs who are passionate about creating authentic, live dining experiences, while also telling a story about the origin of the food, and the culture it stems from. The environment that is created by each host is safe, friendly, and encourages conversation and connection. 

While making supper clubs more accessible to customers, a key objective of the platform is to act as a launchpad for foodpreneurs to scale their supper club businesses. By registering as a host on BreakBread, foodpreneurs who have a passion for cooking will be able to generate exposure, grow their customer base and have access to marketing through a network that attracts foodies everywhere. 

Faris Mesmar, CEO and Managing Partner of hatch & boost Ventures, said: “With the launch of BreakBread, we are on a mission to create jobs for passionate foodpreneurs who will contribute to further growing and diversifying the food services industry across the region. Foodpreneurs who would otherwise be faced with multiple barriers to entry, such as lack of available spaces for lease, and lack of financing, will now have access to a platform that will provide them with exposure to customers and marketing at their fingertips. By empowering their talents, we are excited for BreakBread to become a hub for anyone to ‘eat’, ‘meet’, and ‘connect’ at scale.”

The startup has been operating since the beginning of the year and has been growing steadily since. With over 100 registered and vetted hosts on the platform, Breakbread has hosted over 1,000 experience-seeking customers at up to 500 supper club events throughout the year. The platform’s customer base and registered host base continues to grow. 

Nimish Shah, VP, CE – Creates, said: “The MENA region’s food scene is currently thriving. Expected to reach $70 billion in 2025, offline food services - dining out - are back on the rise. At the same time, consumers looking for authentic and unique experiences have set in motion a supper club movement that has become a prominent subculture of dining today, and the gig economy is all over it.” 

Currently available across the UAE, BreakBread has plans to expand its platform services to the wider MENA region within the next year, starting with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and Egypt markets. 

Later this year, BreakBread is set to launch a large-scale, live cooking event in Dubai. The event will feature their registered hosts preparing meals in live cooking stations, inviting the public to experience the variety of cuisines that they can later book for supper clubs events on the platform. 

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