Huawei launches its first ever one-stop shop for startups in the region

Huawei launches its first ever one-stop shop for startups in the region 

By: Abu Dhabi SME Hub

The initiative will be available to startups at the HUAWEI Innovation Week.

Huawei has launched a one-stop shop for startups and developers. Through this initiative, Huawei aims to empower innovative entrepreneurs in the region to scale and grow by accessing advanced capabilities and enabling technologies. 

About the initiative

Huawei will kick-start this initiative by hosting a series of workshops, programs, and one-to-one interactions during the HUAWEI Innovation Week at DIFC Innovation Hub. It aims to enable startups and developers to accelerate their go-to-market and scale by diving deeper into Huawei's kits, tools, capabilities, and gaining valuable industry knowledge from leading experts.

To foster and catalyze the region’s tech innovation ecosystem, Huawei also seeks to make its technologies and kits more accessible for developers. The one-stop shop invites startups to experience hands-on training with on-site support throughout their tech journey. This aligns with Huawei’s commitment to promoting an open collaboration ecosystem with partners under an all-scenario, seamless AI life strategy that enhances lives and inspires innovation.

What's on offer during HUAWEI Innovation Week

Join Huawei's workshops and seminars to accelerate your groundbreaking ideas:

  • Receive certifications upon completing select courses

  • Learn how to deploy and maintain cloud services for cloud transformation

  • Access the latest market trends, insights, analytics, and developments first-hand

  • Discover how to integrate HMS kits on-site

  • Train on HMS capabilities and coding

  • Receive personalized technical support for your startup

  • Grow and reach a unique untapped audience via proprietary platforms

  • Maximize your reach by implementing effective marketing strategies

  • Find out how to make your brand stand out

  • And much more

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