Hubpay Introduces Digital Global Currency Account for UAE Businesses

Hubpay Introduces Digital Global Currency Account for UAE Businesses 

Hubpay, a digital payments provider in the UAE, is set to unveil its Digital Global Currency Account for UAE-based businesses. With this innovative offering, businesses can seamlessly send, receive, and manage funds across 38 different currencies, including USD, and wallets, all through one multi-currency business account and IBAN number.

This solution empowers users to create named accounts, facilitating efficient fund management without the hassle of currency conversion. Moreover, Hubpay's Digital Global Currency Account boasts a multi-currency IBAN feature, enabling swift and hassle-free money transfers in 38 currencies using a single set of account details.

In addition, for a business collecting multiple different currencies, only one IBAN number needs to be attached to an invoice, and the program automatically reconciles the currency, saving time on invoicing and reconciliation.

"Hubpay is proudly from the UAE, building world-class solutions uniquely for the local market - our Digital Global Currency Account represents a paradigm shift in international finance operations," comments Kevin Kilty, Founder and CEO of Hubpay. "We're proud to provide businesses with the tools they need to navigate the global marketplace seamlessly."

In addition to its versatility, Hubpay's Digital Global Currency Account offers expedited settlements, allowing businesses to expand into new global territories with same-day and next-working-day transfers.

This streamlined approach empowers large and mid-size corporations to manage all their online business accounts efficiently in one centralized platform.

"Leveraging the strength of the United Arab Emirates as a global trade hub and economic powerhouse, Hubpay will be the first independently licensed company in the UAE to offer virtual IBANs," adds Kevin Kilty. "This milestone underscores the UAE's position as a global transaction hub, now more interconnected with the world than ever before."

Hubpay's Digital Global Currency Account is tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses, offering flexibility with no minimum balance per currency and with lower and instant conversion rates when moving funds between different currencies, all under the same IBAN.

This solution provides businesses with the financial agility they require to thrive in today's interconnected economy.

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