Industrial SMEs set to benefit from newly launched Make it in the Emirates Lab

Industrial SMEs set to benefit from newly launched Make it in the Emirates Lab 

It is expected that the Make it in the Emirates SMEs Lab will reach 100 SMEs in total in its first year.

The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) has launched the Make it in the Emirates Lab, a new public-private initiative that delivers best-in-class corporate training to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the industrial sector. The training will also be available to select national students to further support and encourage their contribution to the industrial sector upon graduation.

In collaboration with Procter and Gamble, MoIAT kicked off the Access SMEs programme within the wider Make it in the Emirates Lab.

The Make it in the Emirates Lab is the second public-private initiative by MoIAT following the Future of Industry Dialogue initiative, a series of interactive meetings organized in Q1 of 2021 with representatives of leading industrial sectors in the UAE.

Supportive Training

The training modules have been developed by P&G and are designed to develop core capabilities in areas such as operations, quality, supply chain, sourcing, marketing, sales and finance and accounting, as well as providing companies with the tools to access local, regional, and global markets.

The Access SMEs programme and the wider Make it in the Emirates SMEs Lab are both in line with Operation 300bn, the Ministry’s 10-year national strategy that aims to empower and expand the industrial sector to become a key driver of the UAE economy. SMEs form the core of the nation’s industrial sector and are a significant element of the nation’s manufacturing ecosystem. SMEs make up approximately 94 percent of companies operating in the UAE, 11 percent of which are in the industrial sector.

Advisory and Training

His Excellency Omar Al Suwaidi, Under-Secretary at Ministry of Industry & Advanced Technology, said: “Knowledge transfer is a critical component of the National Strategy for Industry and Advanced Technology, Operation 300bn, transforming our industrial sector into a modern, technologically advanced and globally competitive engine of economic growth. The Access SMEs training module will deliver practical, market-tested advice and guidance to our SMEs and select students – covering the likes of supply-chains and procurement, data analytics and lean manufacturing. We are delighted to partner with P&G and benefit from their advanced expertise in manufacturing consumer products.”

He added: “In line with Operation 300bn and Make it in the Emirates, Access SMEs is one of the many ways the Ministry is seeking to capture the processes and policies of the world’s most successful businesses as we seek to increase our industrial sector’s contribution to national GDP. We look forward to seeing the results of the programme spread through the local economy.”

Access SMEs will target approximately 20 industrial SMEs and 10 senior Emirati students in the programme. It is expected that the Make it in the Emirates SMEs Lab will reach 100 SMEs in total in its first year. It is also expected to accommodate approximately 50 students who will benefit from the training annually.

Business Expansion

Omar Channawi, P&G CEO Middle East, Sub Sahara Africa and General Exports Markets, said: “At P&G, we are very pleased to partner with Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology to provide UAE SMEs with the network and support they need to expand and grow their business. In alignment with the ‘Operation 300bn’ and ‘Make it in the Emirates’ initiatives, our collaborative programme aims to stimulate, promote and support small businesses, startups and the entrepreneurial spirit, enabling this sector to actively contribute to the economic development of the UAE. Talent development is also a key focus area for P&G, and the participation of young national talents in the Access SMEs programme is one of many P&G activities aims to develop and enable local talents.”

In addition to P&G, further MoUs are in process with a number of key national and international industrial companies as part of this best-in-class corporate training. The SMEs Lab will also offer consultancy services provided directly by MoIAT and via partner companies, with sessions devoted to the practical support offered by Emirates Development Bank and the National In-Country Value programme.

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