Manganum attracts second round of seed investment from Mitgo

Manganum attracts second round of seed investment from Mitgo 

Two rounds of investment from global IT company Mitgo will enable Manganum’s six-person team to test new marketing channels and user acquisition methods

Launched in 2022, Manganum is an extension that turns Google Chrome into a productivity workspace, enhancing user organisation, focus and multitasking ability. Its sidebar provides simple, instant access to productivity apps such as ChatGPT, Google Calendar, Google Tasks, Google Keep, Google Translate and Todoist, regardless of the website a user is browsing.

“Our mission is to make desktop browsers more productive, turning them into organised and efficient workspaces with functionality beyond what was previously possible. And, being an extension, we don’t ask users to change their browser - we just make their Chrome better.” - Uladzimir Yankovich, Founder of Manganum.

Manganum has over 100,000 installs and 20,000 daily active users. A large part of Mitgo’s investment is to be spent on testing new marketing channels for Manganum with the aim of growing the extension’s customer base from the current ~500 organic daily installations to the projected 2,500.

Funds will also be allocated to technical development. Later this year, Google will roll out a new feature that allows third-party extensions access to Chrome’s own sidebar. Manganum plans to be first in line and, with Mitgo's investment, the team can accelerate their preparations for it.

In addition to the investment, Mitgo is offering HR services in helping to attract new talent to the project. Alexander Bachmann, Mitgo Founder and CEO, has also taken the role of project mentor, sharing his extensive experience in developing, launching and monetising businesses.

“Manganum helps its users to navigate through a sea of apps, to-do lists and services. It can help a lot of people - myself included”, states Alexander Bachmann, adding “While browser changes traditionally come slowly, Uladzimir is a strong founder who sees new opportunities and takes advantage of them, constantly improving the product to better cater to the needs of its growing audience.”

Manganum estimates the potential audience of its product at 25 million users worldwide, with an expected revenue of 120 million USD annually. For Mitgo, this is an opportunity to help Manganum reach this goal and branch out further into the B2C sector. It’s also part of Mitgo’s global investment plan to invest 100 million USD by 2025, a plan that includes recent investment into US-focused mobile meditation app, Practico.

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