MBRIF reveals the 18 startups that are joining its accelerator programme

MBRIF reveals the 18 startups that are joining its accelerator programme 

The cohort comprises innovators who have made significant developments across key sectors identified by the UAE’s National Innovation Strategy.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund (MBRIF), an initiative launched by the UAE Ministry of Finance to support innovation in the UAE, has selected 18 members to join the latest cohort of its Accelerator Programme. 

The MBRIF Innovation Accelerator programme is a unique offering focused on innovation and collaboration that provides world-class services and coaching to member companies to accelerate their business, elevate capabilities, unlock value and achieve scale. The program, aligned with the National Innovation Strategy of the UAE, aims to enhance growth potential of innovative businesses shaping the future of the UAE’s economy. 

Commenting on the announcement, Fatima Al Naqbi, Chief Innovation Officer at Ministry of Finance and MBRIF representative said: "The 6th cohort of the MBRIF IA program has attracted applications from around the world as innovators compete for access to our tailored solutions, expert mentorship, meaningful connections and financial facilitation.  

“The selected members go through an incredibly stringent selection process where elements of innovation, leadership, UAE market potential and social impact on the UAE are judged upon by a committee of market experts. Our continued success in attracting top innovators from around the world and the outstanding achievements of our alumni is a testament to our impact on the innovation ecosystem in the UAE and our efforts in supporting the realization of the UAE's National Innovation Strategy."

The new cohort was selected from over 170 applications from 33 countries around the world and comprises innovators who have made significant developments across the key sectors identified by the UAE’s National Innovation Strategy including; Education, Health, Clean Energy, Technology, Space, Transportation and Water. 

The selected businesses are from the UAE, UK, Canada, Tunisia, KSA, Lebanon and the USA at various levels of maturity from prototype to growth stages. The program continues to expand its reach, receiving applications from new countries with the announcement of each cohort. 

New members of the MBRIF Innovation Accelerator programme include:

  • Sav - A user-friendly and highly automated platform that helps customers save money while being rewarded for it. 
  • Verofax - An Asset Tracking Management and Sustainable Lifecycle Tracing Platform
  • stonAI – AI Empowered Management Solution for Construction Projects
  • Amaly – A Platform Acting as A Bridge Between Donors’ Hopes and Legacy
  • txPay – A Solution to Bridge Web 3 Payments with The World
  • Siniterex - Accurate 3 D Printing Models for Pre-Surgical Planning, Preparation & Training
  • KLAIM.AI - The Only Claim Funding Platform for Healthcare Providers. 
  • DarDoc – A Mobile Platform Dedicated to Delivering Healthcare at Home.
  • Mruna BiomWeb – A Solution That Uses the Power of Nature & IoT to Decentralize Wastewater Management
  • WeavAir – A Proactive Solution for Cleaner and More Energy Efficient Indoor Spaces 
  • Uvera – Aurora is a Smart AIoT Device That Can Increase the Shelf-Life of Fresh Food Up To 97%.
  • Digital Energy – Novel AI-Powered Approach for More Sustainable Energy Intensive Operations
  • Skillplay – An Engaging Platform for Students to Build Skills, Earn Internships and Jobs.
  • Lisan - An AI-Empowered Integrated Content Platform
  • Reedz – A mobile app offering Arabic audio summaries of books and podcasts. 
  • Loadit - A Platform for Convenient, Reliable, and Cost-Effective Truck Delivery Service  
  • AI Supply Chain Sensing – An AI-Empowered Platform to Predict Problems in World Supply Chains
  • Clutch Space Systems – A solution Designed to Reduce the Cost and Complexity of Satellite Communications.

To apply to the Innovation Accelerator Programme, please visit the link: https://mbrif.ae/

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