Empowering Global Talent: How RemotePass is Changing the Way Companies Hire and Manage Remote Teams

Empowering Global Talent: How RemotePass is Changing the Way Companies Hire and Manage Remote Teams 

The pandemic has brought significant changes in the way we work, with remote work becoming the norm for many industries. While it has created opportunities for skilled workers from all around the world, accessing digital banking services has remained a significant challenge for them, especially those from developing countries. However, a startup called RemotePass is changing that.

With their innovative platform, they are enabling global teams to hire, onboard, manage, and pay their remote workers seamlessly, all in one place. In this editorial, we dive into the story of RemotePass, exploring their journey, challenges, and plans for the future.

RemotePass offers a platform that allows companies to hire, onboard, manage, and pay their global team in one place. In this editorial, we dive into an interview with Kamal Reggad, CEO & Co-Founder of RemotePass, where he talks about the background of venture capital, factors for evaluating a startup for investment, the common mistakes startups make when trying to raise capital, and other aspects of the industry.

Humble Beginnings

Kamal Reggad, CEO & Co-Founder of RemotePass, took inspiration from his father, who started his business at the age of 50 and decided to start his own e-commerce business in his home country, Morocco, in 2011. His background in finance, entrepreneurial ecosystem, and work experience in the venture capital sector of startups has helped him in this endeavor. His first e-commerce business turned out to be a success, and eventually, in 2018, it was acquired by a local holding company. He then relocated to the UAE with the ambition to build something regional or global.

Initially, Kamal Reggad and his co-founder started a travel business in 2019, which was brought down to zero stage due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They then explored alternate options and started a contract payment and HR solutions company, which eventually led to the formation of RemotePass. One of the initial challenges they faced was formulating a standard benefits package for their team working across different countries and locations. Additionally, transferring payments to remote locations was also an issue, which they solved by launching a physical debit card. The card allows for instant payment and has improved the lives of remote workers.

A WFH Revolution

RemotePass has enabled remote workers to get employed by global companies, regardless of their location. It has also saved on transfer charges, and the team has worked relentlessly with different sectors like banking and regulating authorities to make the implementation of the card scheme possible. Kamal Reggad further explains that RemotePass is also a super app that originated from their vision of launching multiple products for remote team members to enrich their lives. The app may cover a broad spectrum, including health insurance and other services, and allow workers to manage their relationship with the company, get across their contract, and manage their current expenses in multiple currencies.

"Our commitment has always been to provide financial services to underserved workers. We're excited to take a significant step towards this vision, especially in the UAE, where Dubai is ranked as the third-best city for digital nomads. We're partnering with others to offer localized financial services, rewards, advance pay, and pension plans. This way we're a step closer to empowering remote workers everywhere." Kamal Reggad, co-founder & CEO of RemotePass

RemotePass & the UAE

When asked about the ways in which RemotePass aligns itself with UAE in attracting global talent, Kamal Reggad explains that UAE has a clear vision when it comes to attracting talent and has even introduced a remote work visa during the pandemic. UAE is one of the rare countries to have a ministry dedicated to AI digital economy and remote work. RemotePass enables companies to hire remotely, making it easier for them to attract global talent.

Lastly, when asked about a company or public figure that inspires him, Kamal Reggad cites Tesla, the automaker, as the most inspiring company. Tesla came out of nowhere and has already established itself in the industry with its innovation and sales approach.

RemotePass is like a bridge that connects two sides of a river, allowing people to easily cross and communicate with each other. In this case, the two sides represent companies and remote workers from different parts of the world. Before RemotePass, the lack of accessibility to digital banking apps for remote workers was like a wide, rushing river, making it difficult for companies to connect with skilled workers who were physically far away.



But now, RemotePass has built a bridge that allows companies and remote workers to communicate and work together seamlessly, regardless of the distance. This means companies can access a wider pool of talented individuals from all corners of the world, and remote workers can enjoy the benefits and stability of being employed by global companies without having to relocate.

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