Shaffra: How to unlock the potential of the Metaverse

Shaffra: How to unlock the potential of the Metaverse 

What is the word for code in Arabic? Shaffra.

It's also the name of the first company in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region that offers Metaverse-as-a-Service. Shaffra allows companies to have their own metaverse strategies and presence. But wait, what is a metaverse?

According to Alfred Manasseh, Co-founder, and Chief Metaverse Officer of Shaffra, "While the physical world is bound by the laws of science, the metaverse is only bound by your own imagination." 

So, the metaverse is a place where you can let your imagination run wild. You can call Microsoft Teams a metaverse, but Shaffra is looking at more immersive and visual platforms such as spatial dot IO and the decentralized sandbox.

"We're looking at certain statistics of adoption of virtual environments as a whole to go a bit beyond the metaverse, and the region is very limited, is very limited, and is behind the global adoption of virtual environments," said Manasseh. "That's where we come in, actually. We're a Metaverse-as-a-Service company. We built basically our own proprietary technology to allow businesses to enter and venture into the metaverse world where we focus purely on business use cases."

Enhancing the world we live in

But why would anyone want to enter the metaverse world? Manasseh's answer is simple: "How can we enhance your real life? If you're able to enhance your real life, then you can have a game-changing experience." Shaffra is not just looking for engagement; it wants to create a useful and enticing experience that will bring users back.

Shaffra's 3D engine offers a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for government agencies and corporates to build their own metaverse, which simplifies the process of entering the metaverse for everyone. With the enhanced 3D definition and immersive interface, 

Shaffra's solution revolutionizes the traditional ways of engaging with customers in a virtual space, creating a higher quality of marketing in the metaverse. This technology has significant potential for industries such as retail, tourism, and hospitality, where customers can virtually try out clothes and map their journeys before even beginning their journey.

Shaffra's technology has various use cases

For instance, museums today are bound by time and location. If you want to visit a museum and experience certain artists' works that are being showcased for a limited time or are not physically close to the location of the museum, you can't. But with Shaffra, you can still go there virtually. The level of interaction and immersion you can get through the virtual experience goes beyond the physical experience. You can immerse yourself in the painting, read the story of the painting, and walk around the world where this painting was lived.

"We're looking at how businesses can ultimately positively impact their bottom lines, their profitability by either having better engagement and interaction with their customers. So externally, and as well having better engagement and interaction with their enterprise, their company, so internally," said Manasseh.

It's not just about having a presence in the metaverse; it's about creating an experience that enhances users' real lives. 

"Look, it's easy to get people on board or to get people curious and enjoy your metaverse. It's harder to get them to come back to your metaverse. And it all goes down to how engaging is your experience, how enticing it is, and how useful it is for the user to come back. What's the benefit for them?" said Manasseh.

Industries with the potential to benefit from a “digital double”

The Shaffra team believes that they have the key to unlocking the potential of the metaverse, not just as a space for gaming and entertainment, but also as a tool for enhancing real-life experiences. As Alfred Manasseh explains, "We want to be able to use the metaverse to enhance different use cases in real life. For example, when it comes to education, we're not trying to replace the classroom. But if we can complement the classroom with certain virtual experiences that would really drive the learning experience for the student, then we're onto something."

But Shaffra's technology potentially goes beyond just government entities and training programs. The team sees endless possibilities for how the metaverse can be used to enhance different industries, from healthcare to retail

As Manasseh puts it, "We are looking at how businesses can ultimately positively impact their bottom lines, their profitability, by either having better engagement and interaction with their customers, externally and as well having better engagement and interaction within their enterprise, internally."

And while the idea of the metaverse might still seem foreign to many, Shaffra is confident that it's only a matter of time before it becomes the norm. As Manasseh explains, "It's the same way that we saw the transition from landlines to mobile phones, from analog TV to digital TV, from physical shopping to e-commerce. It's just the evolution of technology."

Shaffra's vision for the future of Metaverse

So, what's next for Shaffra? "We want to be the connective tissue between different metaverse applications, and that's why we're investing a lot in our technology to allow the interoperability of different metaverse applications," said Manasseh.

Shaffra is looking to connect all metaverses, whether they're focused on gaming, education, or commerce. It's also looking to bring more people into the metaverse world. 

So, the next time you hear the term "metaverse," don't be intimidated. Instead, think of it as a space where anything is possible, where you can enhance real-life experiences and engage with others in new and exciting ways. And if you're looking to enter this space, look no further than Shaffra. As Manasseh says, "We're building the bridge to the metaverse, and we're inviting everyone to join us."

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