Sign up: Kaspersky iHub launches program for companies working in fintech, gaming, and smart home B2C projects

Sign up: Kaspersky iHub launches program for companies working in fintech, gaming, and smart home B2C projects 

By: Abu Dhabi SME Hub

Entry applications will be accepted throughout 2021.

Kaspersky Innovation Hub (iHub) announces the fifth Open Innovation Program for tech startups and mature companies developing consumer projects in the areas of fintech, gaming, and future household.

Kaspersky fosters cooperation with promising tech projects by organizing open programs in search of new joint business activities within iHub and its Open Innovation Program. The latest call for submissions (B2C Future Solutions) is built around B2C solutions to achieve Kaspersky’s objective of combining best-in-class cybersecurity protection at its core, while delivering new consumer solutions through an unparalleled user experience.

What's on offer

Participants can get an expert evaluation of their business ideas, access to Kaspersky clients and sales channels, and create a long-term partnership with the global cybersecurity and digital privacy company.

  • Commercial PoC: Upon successful PoC completion, partner is eligible for compensation of up to $10,000 
  • Long-term partnership: A successful PoC with Kaspersky leads to product integration and license purchase; creation of a joint product or investment/M&A
  • Expert evaluation: Technical and business validation by Innovation Hub and Kaspersky experts
  • Access to APIs: Startups within the program have access to selected APIs for various Kaspersky services
  • Access to clients and sales channel: Access to Kaspersky’s client base of over 400 million users and more than 240,000 corporate clients

Who can apply

Kaspersky is looking for innovative B2C products and services that will create additional value for its clients.

Selection criteria:

  • Growth stage company: Raised Series A or later funding rounds.
  • Finished product: The product is market-ready, validated through sales.
  • Developed technology: Technology at the core of a product is well developed, proprietary, novel and scalable.

Entry applications will be accepted throughout 2021. All details of the program are available at

About Kaspersky iHub 

iHub is a vital element of Kaspersky’s growth strategy and was established to attract innovations to support the company’s core business and extend its product portfolio. It also helps independent projects to reach specific audiences, as well as access Kaspersky partner networks to increase awareness and scale up. Within iHub’s Open Innovation Program, launched in 2019, four rounds of startup programs were held. Overall, iHub activities attracted over 1500 applicants from all over the world, with 57 projects becoming demo day finalists - the PoC process was launched for 18 of them.

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