Tabby's App Attracts 2 Million Shoppers Driving A Record 26 Million Clicks To Retail Partners

Tabby's App Attracts 2 Million Shoppers Driving A Record 26 Million Clicks To Retail Partners 

By: Abu Dhabi SME Hub

The app’s 2 million active shoppers are currently driving 3.5 million clicks every month to Tabby’s retailers.

Tabby, the payments and shopping app, has released new figures showcasing record-high user engagement driving 26 million clicks to retail partners in the last year. The app is used by 2 million active shoppers, driving 3.5 million clicks every month to thousands of its retailers, including brands like IKEA, Shein, Adidas, Level Shoes, H&M, Bloomingdale’s and thousands more.

The Tabby app currently ranks among the top 10 shopping apps on the App store in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates with 500,000 shoppers installing the app every month to discover new stores and unlock great deals.

The results showcase Tabby’s central role as a growth partner for its retailers helping them tap into millions of active shoppers. Retail partners work with Tabby’s in-house marketing team to gain traffic and visibility through prominent placement in the app which delivers curated content, promotions and deals. 

Hosam Arab, Co-Founder and CEO at Tabby said: “We’re seeing Tabby’s place in people’s shopping journey go far beyond payments, with millions relying on Tabby to support their entire shopping experience. Tabby’s app helps customers discover where to shop and make the most out of their money, driving high-intent traffic to thousands of our retail partners”.  

The past two years have seen exponential growth for Tabby, with 8 of the 10 largest retail groups in MENA choosing Tabby as their preferred partner and closing their series B funding round at $154 million in equity and debt this year.

The payments and shopping app is also looking to expand its services to new countries within the upcoming year.

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