Caena Launches "Who Wants to be A Unicorn" A Venture Capital Game for Entrepreneurs and Investors

Caena Launches "Who Wants to be A Unicorn" A Venture Capital Game for Entrepreneurs and Investors 

Caena the financial literacy and venture financing automation startup is delighted to announce the launch of  "Who Wants to be a Unicorn."

The Unicorn Game as it’s also called is a web-based, entertaining yet educational game for experienced founders, aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone interested in how startups and venture capital really works.

Kayode Odeleye, Caena’s Founder and CEO of Caena

Solving the Entrepreneurial Knowledge Gap

Venture Capital as a funding source is suitable for only a tiny percentage of startup founders - the very few leading startups with the demonstrable potential to be rocket ships within a short period. Unfortunately, the majority of startup founders don’t know this and waste valuable time pursuing venture capital when they’re better served by other sources of funding or bootstrapping.

Who Wants to be a Unicorn offers an insight into the world of venture capital in an entertaining format. The game peels back the veil over what is a frustrating and often surprising black box especially to founders who are outside the closed investor networks. With an immersive learning experience that mirrors the complexities of the venture capital (VC) process, and realistic VC scenarios, players get to experience the decision making process involved in venture financing. 

This unique blend of immersive gameplay and education makes "Who Wants to be a Unicorn" an invaluable tool for anyone aspiring to grasp the world of venture capital. The game is completely free to play, making it accessible to everyone.

"We are excited to introduce 'Who Wants to be a Unicorn,'" says Kayode Odeleye, Caena’s Founder and CEO of Caena. Founders just don’t know if they can or if they should raise venture capital. VCs on the other hand will also enjoy playing the game as the intrigues, double-speak and secrecy built into the game offers a mirror to their own processes.”

About Caena

Caena enables access to capital for small businesses through financial literacy and fundraising automation. Thousands of founders from over 50 countries use Caena’s web-based tools to build financial models, find relevant investors and learn useful financial concepts and insights. Founders can generate financial models, teasers and identify relevant investors simply and affordably on the fully-automated platform. Investors can simplify their workflows with our sourcing, evaluation and portfolio management tools.

Caena is on a mission to improve access to capital for underserved entrepreneurs and those in frontier markets thereby reducing inequality in Society.The company was founded in 2021, and has offices in London and Dubai.

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