Zilliqa Group relaunches metaverse venture as MetaMinds following business restructure

Zilliqa Group relaunches metaverse venture as MetaMinds following business restructure 

Zilliqa Group, an integrated group of businesses built to deliver vanguard Web3 and blockchain-based products and solutions, today relaunches its UAE-based metaverse venture under a new identity, MetaMinds.

The rebrand follows a major restructuring of the business as it accelerates efforts to redefine the metaverse landscape.


Spearheading the transformation is Sandra Helou, a recognized metaverse pioneer and prominent figure in Web3 development, who has been appointed CEO of MetaMinds. She also holds the position of GCC Lead for Zilliqa Group's newly established CEO Office, underscoring the Group’s conviction in the region’s growth potential.


MetaMinds, previously known as Metapolis, was launched just over a year ago in Miami and is headquartered in the UAE. The rebrand represents a pivotal shift in the company's focus towards spatial web development as it endeavors to drive the evolution of the engaged Internet in a more meaningful manner. Zilliqa Group says the new identity also better represents the company's consultative approach to creating customized metaverse solutions for clients.


Max Kantelia, Co-Founder, Zilliqa Group, explains: “We strongly believe in the potential of the metaverse, despite initial overhype and unmet expectations within the sector. The restructuring of MetaMinds aims to bridge the divide between technological capabilities and user demands, ensuring we remain at the forefront of metaverse innovation while co-creating impactful solutions that demonstrate the real-world utility of the metaverse as a spatial web platform.” 


As the world’s first Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform provider, MetaMinds harnesses spatial web technologies to craft immersive metaverse experiences for clients, ushering in a new era of customer interaction and engagement. Its multi-tenant architecture enables diverse user groups to have personalized metaverse experiences while sharing the same platform infrastructure and product line. 


Engineered for scalability, platform interoperability and high performance, MetaMinds is addressing many of the bottlenecks in current metaverse development and is poised to become the standard on which other metaverses are built. It offers clients robust private proof-of-concept testing and the confidence that all users of the platform have been screened and verified. The company has also introduced a subscription-based business model to overcome current cost barriers, facilitating broader adoption.


“It’s a mistake to think the metaverse is dead. Spatial web and Web3 technologies continue to develop at a rapid rate – IOT, AI, AR, VR, blockchain to name a few. What the metaverse enables is a blending of the physical and digital words. It introduces a new layer of interaction to the engaged Internet and necessitates new networks of people, places, things and rules. Our restructuring means we are doubling down on spatial web development when building out metaverse experiences and tapping into our collective intelligence and skillsets across the wider Zilliqa Group to work with clients on how best to transform their businesses with these technologies," said Helou.


Currently, MetaMinds is in the beta testing phase for several metaverse projects across various sectors, including eSports, luxury, government, and healthcare, with imminent announcements planned.


“Since relocating our headquarters to Dubai last year, we have witnessed a growing appetite for metaverse services across the region and are continuing to sign new projects in various sectors. The UAE is a forward-thinking nation and understands the transformative value the metaverse can bring to digital economies and smart cities. We’re excited to be part of the evolving spatial web ecosystem and play our part in charting its course,” added Helou.

To find out more go to www.metamindsgroup.com

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